Shared Space

Imagine, if you will, a simple cottage by the shore… Picture a small white house – a cottage, by the sea. The windows are open, and gauzy curtains (a pale green) are blowing in the breeze. Can you smell the ocean? A terra cotta patio fronts the house, where a battered white kitchen chair props… Continue reading Shared Space

Myth in real life

Whenever I dream my dream it’s always the same dream When I close my eyes its always the same scene If I could wake up, dreaming I’d finally be moving on If I could wake up, dreaming I’d be dreaming toward the dawn We live in a myth.  We experience only a small part of… Continue reading Myth in real life


Lucid Myth

Looking towards Port Angeles from Hurricane Ridge

I was hiking through the Colorado wilderness, hoping I knew where I was, but feeling pretty lost.  The map I brought with me was published before a forest fire devastated the area, and though the topography was still largely the same, trails and streams had shifted and forested areas were gone, shaking my confidence.By their… Continue reading Lucid Myth

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Making Each Other Up

The moment I see you, I start making stuff up. Oh, I no doubt think my observations are expert opinion – after all, I know you, or I know people like you, or I know what I’d think or do in this situation. And making you up can be useful – keeps me from having to… Continue reading Making Each Other Up